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The International Child Art Collection (ICAC) consists of a global collection of artworks originally created by children from fifty countries for UNESCO and now used for exhibitions and as a teaching tool in conjunction with the Artist-in-Residency Program. Exhibitions can be curated by country, region or thematically.

ICAC presents pictorial themes that are similar around the world: family, friends, animals, festivals, celebrations, work and play. Glimpse the daily lives of children in urban and rural areas in countries far and near. Compare the differing sensibilities of diverse cultures expressing universal human experiences. Artist residencies, workshops and exhibitions centered on the ICAC for students, teachers, and the community provide multicultural experiences, aesthetic appreciation, and a means of imparting fundamental skills in the visual arts.

Exhibitions of framed artworks are displayed at schools, museums, hospitals, festivals and public and private institutions to further our mission of providing quality art programs that educate and enrich our community through the celebration of art. Major exhibitions have been held at LA City Hall Bridge Gallery, Children’s Hospital and Kaiser Sunset Main Concourse.

Thematic Exhibits include:

Korea: Through The Eyes of Children

India: Through The Eyes of Children

Barnsdall Arts presents an exhibition of outstanding children's art collected by UNESCO almost 50 years ago with work created for this exhibit by students in our sister city Mumbai in 2013. The works depict India seen through the eyes of children. The extraordinary use of color, of diverse media and the strong roots in Indian folk and traditional arts are evident both in UNESCO and the contemporary Images. Some of our Los Angeles students participated in Indian art projects this semester; a few examples of their work are included.

In the Year of the Dragon-Children's Art from China

Barnsdall Arts in collaboration with the Los Angeles Guangzhou Sister City Association presents an exhibition of outstanding work collected by UNESCO in China almost 50 years ago with work specially created for this exhibit in 2012 by children studying in Guangzhou's Children's Palace. Click to see samples here.

1000 Cranes

Barnsdall Arts created the 1000 Cranes Project with schools throughout Los Angeles. Children at Ivanhoe, Mayberry, and Temple Israel Elementary and Westside Charter Schools made origami cranes with their best wishes. Click to see samples here.

City, Town and Country

Includes villages in Israel, Zimbabwe and Denmark, a town in Japan snuggled under a blanket of snow, an afternoon market day in a Mexican countryside, the Great Wall of China, a factory town in Poland, a cityscape in Italy. We journey to other countries and see how people live their everyday lives in their own environment.

Work and Play

A fascinating look at the world of work and play through children’s eyes includes soccer in Taiwan, cycling in Czechoslovakia, jogging in China, construction in Japan, hunting in Zimbabwe, cooking in India.

Festivals and Celebrations

Celebrate our common humanity. Examples include opera in Taiwan, dancers from Russia, a parade in Japan.


Noah’s Ark from Israel and roosters from China and Spain, elephants from India and giraffes from South Africa, water buffalo from Korea, a zoo in Russia, and seascapes from Korea with a host of other creatures in a wide variety of media.

Portraits of Many Lands

Circle the globe and meet families and new friends from different continents.

Chinese Scrolls

Four magnificent scrolls from China framed in six foot by three foot lucite boxes display exquisite artistry. Gifted young artists aged 7 to 12 depict lychee fruit, panda bears, herds of wild horses, and the Monkey King Epic. Click to see examples here.

The Ragan Academy

For more information, contact Program Director, Shelah Lehrer - Graiwer:

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