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The Artist in Residence (AIR) program provides outstanding custom-designed art education programs integrated with curriculum to schools, libraries, hospitals, museums, housing projects, community centers and social service agencies from pre-school through high school. We offer a range of multicultural and environmental themed classes as well as skill- and literacy-based curricula. Our teachers are practicing artists, and our curricula conform to VAPA standards.

The AIR program serves schools, libraries, art centers, social service agencies, museums and festivals. Classes and art workshops provide students, teachers and community members with multicultural experiences, aesthetic appreciation and the development of skills in the visual arts. A variety of programs are offered to suit diverse needs:

The Cultural Arts program focuses on art projects that celebrate cultural identity. Mexican tin painting, Native Americal Sandpainting and Chinese scrolls are among many popular projects offered.

The Environmental Arts program celebrates nature and ecology. In addition to traditional still life and landscape painting, students enjoy making unique items such as nature books, butt.erfly magic wands, animal family totem poles, earth shadow puppets and endangered species origami.

The Imagination and the Arts program develops creative imagination through a variety of art media and techniques. Art as visual communication is stressed through the close examination of the physical world and the various means of interpretation. Some of our popular themes include Every Picture Tells a Story, Art and the Environment, Animals in Art, Community Murals, Symbols Around the World and Family Totems.

The Formal Arts program offers instruction in numerous techniques and materials. Introductory drawing and painting, figure drawing, portraits, landscapes and still life provide an excellent foundation on which to build artistic skills.

Our curriculum consultants include former LAUSD Arts Specialist and Administrator Barbara Becker and LACMA and artist/teacher Quan Trang.

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For more information, contact Program Director, Quan Trang:
Phone: (310) 817-9605
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